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The following Sherratt line has not yet been connected to my Sherratt line, however, I have provided the information on this line in order to connect other Sherratts who may be related.

You may Contact Us about this line and we will put you in touch with living relatives of this line.

    1. John Sherratt b 1811 Shropshire
    + Ann (Bloor)*
      2. Selina Sherratt b 1833 Biddulph
      2. Edwin Sherratt b 1837 Biddulph
      2. Elizabeth Sherratt b 1840 Biddulph
      + Thomas Chadwick
        3. Robert Ernest Chadwick
        + Clara Minnie Taylor
      2. John Sherratt b 1846 Biddulph

    Note: Variations of spelling of Sherratt on official doccuments including: Sharratt, Sherratt, Sherrott, Sharret, Sherrett have been combined for ease - most often using Sherratt.

    * Bloor last name not confirmed.

    Possibly connected to John Sherratt 1811 in this line.

    Janice, granddaughter of Robert and Clara Chadwick

    British Vital Records Index - Second Edition.
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