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The following Sharrett line has not yet been connected to my Sherratt line, however, I have provided the information on this line in order to connect other Sherratts who may be related.

You may Contact Us about this line and we will put you in touch with living relatives of this line.

    1. Thomas Sharrett
    + Elizabeth
      2. Thomas William Sharrett b 1862 Guernsey* Channel Islands d 1939 Ontario
      + Harriet Ann Hargrave b May 21, 1866 Ontario d February 7, 1931 Ontario
        3. Lizzie Isabelle Sharrett b May 11, 1892 d August 9, 1929 Ontario
        + Joseph Henry Vincent
        3. Mary (Minnie) Francis Sharrett b 1895 Ontario d May 26, 1917
        + George Harold Dell
        3. Thomas Edward Sharrett b December 20, 1897 Ontario
        + Margaret Eidt
        3. William R Sharrett b October 29, 1899
        3. Florence Sharrett b April 1901
        3. Violet Sharrett b February 1906 Ontario
        3. Daisy Sharrett b February 1906 Ontario

Note: Variations of spelling of Sherratt on official doccuments including: Sharratt, Sherratt, Sherrott, Sharret, Sherrett have been combined for ease - most often using Sherratt.

* Some records indicate Thomas William Sharrett born Guernsey, Channel Islands others state "England" Census reords state Thomas born March 1863/64.
Thomas William Sharrett immigrated to Canada about 1889.

Michael Sharrett, Canada
Canadian BMDs
1901, 1911 Canadian Census records
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