The Sherratt Family

Married: September 24, 1777, Cheshire

William Sherratt
Baptized: September 13, 1754
Norton in the Moors
Died: 1822
Millwright/Engineer/Iron Founder
Mary Ann Murray
Born: 1758
Died: 1828

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Thomas Sherratt
Iron founders/team engine manufacturers/millwrights/hydraulic press manufacturers
Salford Iron Works
Died: 1837
John Sherratt
Iron founders/team engine manufacturers/millwrights/hydraulic press manufacturers
Salford Iron Works
George Sherratt
Smith Sherratt
Born: 1804
Congleton, Cheshire
Sarah Sherratt
Married: Richard Speakman

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Gerald Sherratt re: Smith Sherratt
Jim Sherratt -

Staffordshire Parish Records
Family Search Org. IGI
British Isles Vital Records Index, Edition 2

"Concerning Mr Bedson, we have the authority of Mr William Sherratt, the elder, of Milton, (the father of the gentleman, who in 1790, in company with Mr Bateman, erected the extensive Iron Foundry, in Salford, Manchester, ) in a memorandum , that the first attempt at grinding flint in a slop or wet state, was at the Ivy house, by a small water wheel." - History of the Staffordshire Potteries" written by Simeon Shaw and published in 1829

The Mainprice papers state that William Sherratt (1754-1822), the grandfather of John Sherratt, was an iron founder in Salford, a manufacturing town located on the opposite side of the River Irwell from Manchester, England. Previously he had been a mining engineer and is mentioned in Smile's "Lives of the Engineer." In an obituary published in the Manchester Chronicle dated December 14 1822 he was described as a gentle man who-"possessed a very superior mind, and has long been known as the successful rival of the late Mr. Watt (James Watt, the Scottish engineer) in the construction of the steam engine.
Sherratt Org

On 1 January 1826 John Wright withdrew from direct connection with the collieries when he sold his share of the lease to William Clayton for 2300 per year. Clayton also paid 6039 11s for Wright's share of the plant and equipment, this being one half of a valuation made by Thomas Sherratt of Manchester, Iron Founder and son of William.
Poynton Collieries

Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronical - June to December 1822, Volume XCII
Lancashire - Dec. 6. In his 69th year, William Sherratt, esq. of Manchester. He has been long known as the successful rival of the late Mr. watt in the construction of the steam-engine, and the early application of its powers through the country.

In 1834, when William and Colin Mather had begun their operations, a wage book dated 1829, established that they were in business as millwrights and engineers at the date that J. & T. Sherratt were described as brass founders, engine makers and iron founders. The description indicates that they were concerned primarily with general engineering rather than with the production of machinery for the textile trade, a task which was still left to small men, although from a later entry, it is clear that the Sherratts continued to do some textile machinery work.....

In 1837, Thomas Sherrat died, and two years later, his trustees leased the Salford Iron Works to John Platt. .....The Salford Iron Works

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