Staffordshire Cemeteries

Staffordshire Cemeteries

While on a recent trip to Staffordshire I visited many cemeteries in North Staffs and took hundreds of photographs of headstones. The following pages link to individual cemetery pages listing the Surnames found on the headstones.

While every attempt was made to accurately record the monumental inscriptions please note that many of the headstones were VERY difficult to read and may include errors.

Not all of the headstones are connected to my line.

If you have corrections or would like to submit a photo to this collection please feel free to Contact Us. If you would like a larger, original copy of an individual photograph you are welcome to contact us. Provide exact details of photo.

All photographs are copyright to myself, while you may save/print for your personal records please DO NOT copy the photos or republish to another website.

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England Photos taken June 2006 and June 2010 by Wendy Hogan.

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